Meeting place in St. Petersburg

Whitley Neill Bar & Kitchen

Gastrobar Whitley Neill – Russia’s first bar from the legendary British company Halewood Wine & Spirits, producing premium craft gins, whiskeys and rum. Gene Whitley Neill has long been appreciated and loved in the United Kingdom. It was our turn to try exceptional combinations carefully selected by generations of British wine distillers.

Wide range of drinks

Irish whiskey, scotch tape, bourbon, rum, liqueurs for every taste. A wide range of organic Lamb & Watt tonics and craft beers are Halewood Wine & Spirits own brands.

Dishes and Desserts

In addition to a wide selection of drinks and cocktails, you are invited to a gastronomic couple in order to fully reveal the taste. The menu also includes snacks, soups, main dishes and desserts.

Meeting place in St. Petersburg

Whitley Neill Bar & Kitchen

Public interest in the new institution is already quite predictable. Whitley Neill Bar & Kitchen is quite capable of becoming a flagship bar for fans to experiment with a variety of tastes, try new interesting cocktails based on gin and more, as well as treat yourself to gastronomic delights. At home, Halewood managed to make the culture of gin consumption, if not art, then quite prestigious and enjoyable.

We are sure that residents of St. Petersburg will also like the gin revolution!

Special mission

Acquaintance of the Russian public with new taste nuances is the mission of a new institution. Someone will appreciate the original cocktail list, and someone will simply open a good place for an evening with friends.

Unique cocktails

In addition to traditional tastes, the Whitley Neill Gin line includes interesting combinations of rhubarb and ginger, aloe and cucumber, as well as the tastes of quince, raspberry, blackberry, Sicilian orange, grapefruit and violet.